Healthy icy poles (without all the nasties) in super quick time.

If your kids are partial to icy poles like mine are, then you might be interested to know about this fabulous product we stumbled upon about 1 year ago.   Perfect for summer, it is a super quick icy pole maker called Zoku.

I love it because I get to control the ingredients of the icy poles ; my kids love it because they can make three icy poles in 9 minutes.

Apple pear and orange Zoku icy poles.jpg
Zoku quick icy pole maker.jpg
watermelon Zoku icy poles.jpg

There are loads of fantastic recipes that you can use, but we generally stick to using juice such as apple or orange or using left-over smoothie.  The zoku website has some amazing recipes and some that are even catered towards adults (cucumber mint margarita icy poles anyone?)

Although the initial outlay doesn’t come cheap – we bought ours for about $70.00; it has more than paid for itself in the last 12 months.   Store bought icy poles for three kids not only have numerous additives, preservatives and colourings which can all adversely affect behaviour, but can cost anywhere up to $10.00 or more a round. 

Now we have our Zoku they are happy to make their own if they can have one in an instant.

Available online and at kitchen stores. 

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