The S.L.O.W diet approach to eating

The S.L.O.W. diet approach.

I often get asked what the best type of diet is for kids and adults and people often expect me to reply something like “the gluten free, casein free diet” or “the Palaeolithic” way of eating.  I work with over 15 different dietary types in my clinic when helping children with specific health problems, however if you and your family are just looking for a healthy way of eating that is going to supply you with loads of nutrients to keep your body and mind well, then you can’t go wrong with the S.L.O.W diet approach to eating!


Why seasonal?

You are going to be buying produce that is at its nutritional peak and fruit and vegetables are at their cheapest during the local harvest season.

Why local?

Locally grown food has travelled less air/sea/road miles so is likely to leave a smaller carbon footprint (which is good for the environment) but the shorter amount of time your food has had in storage the more nutrients it is likely to still be abundant in.  For example Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is easily destroyed by high temperatures and exposure to air, drying and prolonged storage.

Why organic?

A recent small study conducted by RMIT’s Dr Liza Oates  found that eating organic foods reduces pesticide exposure by nearly 90% after just one week. This is amazing.  Every food choice you make can lead to a change in your health. 

Why wholefood?

Eating foods that are closest to their natural state as possible (e.g. brown rice is less processed and therefore more of a whole food than highly polished white rice) can lead to a more nutrient rich diet which helps to provide your body with all of the essential ingredients it needs to function well.

My very own addition to the S.L.O.W diet is to also try and make your diet RICH IN VARIETY!

We can all get into food ruts that lead us to eat similar foods day in and day out.  Variety can provide your body with a broader range of nutrients from which is can chose from in order to function more efficiently.  One of the aims with my blog is to help entice you and your family out of your eating comfort zone and to explore new ways of cooking, preparing and eating deliciously healthy foods.  Small steps are all that is needed, not a huge budget or expensive kitchen appliances just a little willingness to try a few things differently.