How to make an ice-block and slushy the quickest, healthiest way!

The benefits of making your own ice-blocks & slushy's

  • You can have healthier ice-blocks and slushy ingredients - avoiding nasty colouring, flavourings and the associated behaviour changes that can go along with that
  • You can cater to different dietary restrictions by avoiding dairy or simple, refined sugars
  • A lot more economical - a great option for larger families 
  • Different styles can be used to replicate shop bought products, e.g. Calypso, push-up long tube ice-blocks
  • Can be made quickly which can help to persuade your kids to have an ice-block at home and avoid the ice-cream shop after school
  • Different types cater to different ages ranges and ice-block preferences  



  • Freeze ice pops in 7 minutes
  • Can make striped pops, yoghurt pops or flavoured core pops without electricity
  • Store the compact base in your freezer and then watch them freeze on your kitchen countertop
  • A considerable initial investment - triple quick pop maker $49.99, other sizes and types available but will last for years
  • A great solution for younger kids or for those who want an ice-block and want it now!
  • Accessories available also



  • Convenient, portable and perfect for parties with no sticks, no drippy mess and no mystery ingredients whizz it, pour it in, zip it up & freeze!
  • Made from durable high grade BPA free #7 plastic
  • More suited to an older age range that can push up and control a longer ice-block, e.g. 4 yrs plus
  • Reinforced side seals to prevent splitting
  • Simply wash and rinse to re-use
  • Portable & convenient
  • Pack of 18 individual bags =  = $9.95 
  • Dimensions =  5cm x 23cm. 100ml capacity



  • Reusable, 100ml capacity
  • BPA Free food grade silicone
  • Cane put juice, purees, smoothies or yoghurt into the container
  • Convenient design to ‘push up’ the Zesty Pop as you eat, catching any drips
  • Silicone prevents ‘frozen little hands’ as they hold the Zesty Pop to eat
  • Lids push on to hold ingredients as it freezes
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • More suited to an older age range that can push up and control a longer ice-block, e.g. 4 yrs plus
  • 4 pack for $16



  • Liquid can be frozen in less than a minute
  • Relatively easy-to-use and ready to make a slushy whenever you are, however can be a bit tricky for younger ones to manoeuvre the spoon and get the frozen ice out 
  • BPA free
  • Simply wash after each use, re-freeze and it's ready to be used!
  • Recommended Age: 4 Years+


We have tried and tested all of these four types of ice-block/slushy makers and they have all been great for each of my kids at different ages.  This blog has been written without receiving any commission from the companies mentioned but purely to help you keep your kids healthy the natural way!