Heard of the hygienic sneeze?

I think that most families can do with some help in knowing how to easily minimise the spread of infection in the home.  

The hygienic sneeze is something that you can easily teach your kids and get them to teach their friends.  Of course if they are already sneezing it may mean they currently have a cold, however if you can stop them from sneezing on others and spreading droplets of virus to other members of your family then this small effort could well be worth it. Obviously this might be an easier task in older children but model this behavior and little ones might just be able to pick it up too.  

Encouraging your kids to cough into their elbow crease is a much better solution than into a hand or a tissue.  Jamie and Adam from the Infamous β€˜Mythbusters' television series show how, on this 4 minute Youtube video titled: The Safe Sneeze. 

This video shows the difference in spread of droplets from sneezing into your hand, into your elbow or into a tissue. Watch it with your kids.  My boys love this show and hold the hosts in high regard. I don’t know about you but I can repeat a message like this a thousand times, but if they watch their heroes on You Tube do an experiment on it, you can be sure they pass this message around to their friends at school and take this up as a new method of sneezing!  Maybe your kids will too?